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Practice Anytime, Anywhere

We're so glad you're here. We feel very fortunate to share our practice with you! 

This page is continuously updated to provide a selection of classes that give you the flexibility to choose the sequence that best fits your needs, lifestyle and schedule.  Whether you need to slow down,  pick up the pace,  re-center in the heart or connect to your inner strength the aim is to include something for everybody in the asana practices below. Have a look at our current selection of 100% free on-demand classes.

Peace & Serenity

Increase your interoception with this gentle chair yoga practice. Shift your attention to your inner world by observing the breath and noticing the sensations that accompany movement.

Explore and play with awareness of your experience in the moment from the support of a chair. Delve into the subtle practices of relaxation, breathing and meditation to quiet the mind.

From a place of stillness and silence be present with peace and serenity.

Peace & Serenity

Find Comfort

Make this practice your own by choosing the variation that feels the most nourishing for you. Remembering one of Patajanli's most famous sutras - "Stirasukham asanam" (Yoga Sutras of Patajanli 11:46) be strong and firm while at the same time at ease and relaxed. Explore the many ways you can move towards comfort.

Move Inwards

Move Inward

Cultivate an attitude of surrender. For this 90min gentle flow, we transition between forward folds, supine, kneeling and prone postures that keep us grounded on the mat. Lean into what feels natural and let go of personal expectations. Return to your heart-center with awareness of the breath. Feel the support and comfort that comes from connecting to the earth. 

Awaken & Revitalize 

This sequence awakens your awareness to the polarized energies of the lunar and solar forces. Stimulate your nervous system with standing asanas and gain an energy boost from invigorating backbends. The poses in this practice require focus and balance helping to revitalize the mind. 

Awaken & Revitalize

Connect to the Breath 

Feel the body expand and contract while  intimately moving with the breath throughout this practice. Explore and/or reconnect to the main breath principles at the core of hatha yoga. On inhalation lengthen and extend. On exhalation bend and fold. 

Connect to the Breath
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