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A regular yoga practice has countless benefits from improving your concentration and self-confidence to increasing mobility and strength. Take a look at our weekly online schedule.

Select the class that resonates with you. Make the commitment that will transform your overall health and book your next yoga class today! 

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Yoga for Dementia

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Private Class

Sunday Mornings
11:00am - 11:30am AKDT
Online Meet-Up

Sunday  Mornings
10:00am  - 10:30am AKDT
Online Meet-Up

 A time that works best for you!
Contact in advance for booking.
Online or In-Person

Yoga is for everybody! Leading scientific research has shown how yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation & self-enquiry) can help manage the symptoms of dementia. This 30 minute class is designed to move the body while being mindful of physical constraints, to introduce tools that are known to reduce stress and agitation, and to practice techniques for improving balance to reduce the risk of falls.

All living things age. If you’re alive you’re aging! With this 30 minute class, improve the quality of our life as you age by working the joints and muscles of the body. Adapted yoga asanas will be used to help maintain range of motion, balance, strength and flexibility, and reduce inflammation. Feel free to choose to practice from a chair, the couch, the bed or on your mat from the floor!

Everyone comes to yoga at a different starting point. Each day we come to the mat with a different mental & physical condition and with different goals. Our private classes are tailored specifically to meet your needs. They're a great way to gain confidence in your practice and less intimidating than practicing in a large group. You can schedule these sessions around your busy day-to-day!

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